Angela and Cory are so good to my dad, they go way beyond expectations! Highly recommend!

Debbie Vogel Erickson

Vinnessa Viall is Awesome! She is so dedicated and works so hard. Anna Romero is Fantastic too. They are valuable assets to the Helena Community.

Sam Humphrey

They actually care about their clients/potential clients, just people that need help in general. They make me feel like a person and not just some number or funding source. They work together great like a cohesive group (family). I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of them now. They truly live up to the name "Angel".

Erik Wolfe

Angel Care takes their mission to a higher level, truly caring for the hearts and souls of those they give physical care for.

Kimmi Boyce

This company goes beyond just home health care. It incorporates family and love. They see people for who they are and what they truly need. They take the time out of their own life's to make sure someone in need is feeling comfortable, safe and at home. Something they're proud to do, Something this company does day and night. Because they believe that no matter what the disability or hardships you have in life, their clients are here for a reason and it's the angels responsibility to keep that beautiful smile on every clients face.

Alaina Johnson

Compassionate Care, friendly staff, and reasonable pricing. Thank you for you service to the community.

Melissa Kapperud

What a blessing Angela, Cory and Nicole were last week. My sister in law was scheduled to have surgery in Gt Falls and the Dr required someone to take her, deliver her home and stay with her for 24 hours afterwards. I was unable to do it myself so began the search for someone. I called 12 different agencies in Gt Falls and no one could help with short term. As soon as I called Angel Care, Angela was right on it making arrangements. As N would say, "they gave me Spectacular care, they truly are angels". Words cannot express how thankful I am. I would recommend them to anyone.

Lue Waite

Angel Care has an amazing team!.Angela took awesome care of my mother.Her final days of her life was lived to the fullest.Angela was a blessing!

Jeannie Anne Restainer

Angela and her staff have gone above and beyond just assisting my father with a few activities of daily living. They have been consistently brightening his days with companionship, laughter and positivity. They don't just show up to do the job; they have become his friends. I will recommend this company to anyone in need of this type of service.

Lesley Zellmer